… to show how peculiar, inhumane and scaring our world has become, in a song or in a story. 
A lot of people have too much wealth, while others live in misery and there is no logic why it must be this way. It’s very simple: wealth must be limited! 
Many people don’t get the chance to work and earn a living, although there is so much that needs to be done. How many of us realise that unemployment is created? It’s very simple: full employment can be garanteed when wealth is limited. 
Our impact on worldclimate threatens the future of the world. It’s very simple: we can reduce this impact by changing our lifestyle. 
People and business don’t need to undermine each other. It’s very simple: competition should be supplementary. 
All that’s needed is politics that organize in stead of leave it to the egoistic forces.


… to understand this. Although many films, books and songs show examples of unfairness, the world becomes more unfair every day. We live in an era of egoism. The media are overwhelmed by simple statements that appeal to getting more for yourself. But when some get or take more than what is fair, it always lead to new conflicts. Rightwing politics create problems. But demagoguery is as powerful as it is shortsighted. 
We need cooperation to find sollutions that work for everyone. But that’s abstract. How do we get peoples thoughts on a healthy road?


This website is a ”contact ad”. I’m hoping to find others to take up the ”fight” togehter. 
My ”weapons” are words. I write to arouse thoughts, to influence, to stir up. 
Please read and react when you agree or see posibilities to cooperate! 
(I write quotation marks, we need to face the irony that cooperation won’t be reached when trying to cooperate with egoists!)

Coronapicture made by: Johanna Wälivaara.
Clownpicture made by: Emmelie Salomonsson.
Lössenpicture made by: Frida Stensmar.
Photograph made by: Hedvig van Lint.
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